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Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched back in March, we’ve seen some really incredible islands appear online and looked on enviously as people construct idyllic rural escapes, urban metropolises using intricate custom designs, themed villages and more besides. They’ve certainly put our meagre efforts to shame.

Unfortunately, it’s been difficult to visit these impressive islands for various reasons, even if the architects are willing to entertain guests. Until now, that is, with the addition of Dream addresses courtesy of Luna, a returning character added to the game in July’s 1.4.0 update.

Below we’ve scoured the web for the very best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Addresses – incredible islands for you to visit and marvel at. Several of them, naturally, can also be found in our article on the best islands we’ve seen so far, but you’ll also find plenty of new gems. Now’s your chance to wander around these places!

If you’re not sure how to input the Dream Address code, we also go through the basics of inputting and sharing your Dream Addresses in the game. Enjoy!

The best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Islands – Dream Address Codes

And for a Pac-Man surprise:

How do you visit other islands using Dream Codes?

Known as Dream Address codes, to visit islands in your dreams you’ll need a connection to the internet, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and you’ll also need to go to sleep (obviously). To do so, find any bed and lie down (upon downloading the update, you’ll receive Luna’s Bed in the mail).

Simply choose “Yeah, I want to sleep…” and follow the instructions from ethereal aide Luna. Choose “I want to dream” to visit another island by inputting a Dream Address code, or upload your island for others to visit by choosing “I’d like to share a dream”.

Input the Dream Address and you’ll awaken in the main plaza of your dreamy destination. On the plaza you’ll find a Custom Design portal where you can immediately download and take home and custom designs used by your dream island’s architect, and you’re free to wander and explore.

Should you find something unsavoury and the dream turns into a nightmare, you can report any nastiness by hitting the ‘-‘ button. To leave the dream, lie down on the bed again and choose to wake up. Easy! It should be noted, though, that you can’t take tools or anything else with you into the dream, and neither can you leave with items you pick up while slumbering. It’s just a dream, remember!

We’ll be refining and adding to this list over the coming days, weeks and–yes–months. Let us know if you’ve visited an amazing island in a dream–or if you think yours deserves being highlighted above–and we may well add it to this ever-growing list of the very best islands to visit. We’re off to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream…

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