LEGO Ideas – Lego Pinball Machines

It is definitely no secret we love featuring LEGO Ideas on this site, especially the ones with a retro gaming flavour. Well, these two LEGO Ideas entrants scratch our other itch – pinball!

Just take a look at the Lego Pinball Machine by TheAmazingCreator and The Lego Pinball Machine by Nachapon submissions – they are pretty darn cool. TheAmazingCreator’s entry is fairly simple when compared to Nachapon’s creation, which has a packed and intriguing playfield, just like a real pinball machine. We like both.

So if you love one or both, make sure you submit your vote now!

Lego Pinball Machine by TheAmazingCreator
image source: LEGO Ideas – Lego Pinball Machine

The Lego Pinball Machine by Nachapon

image source: LEGO Ideas – The Lego Pinball Machine



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