Star’s anger over Raiders Indigenous jersey

Canberra star Jack Wighton has hit out at the Raiders’ Indigenous round jersey, lamenting the fact players had no input into the design and the club simply “ticked a box.”

The Indigenous artwork on Canberra’s jersey runs down the side of the jersey, the only club that doesn’t acknowledge Indigenous culture on the front.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Wighton says Canberra’s effort compares unfavourably with the likes of Souths, who included a handprint of the club’s eight Indigenous players.

“They’ve got the best stories and put a bit of effort in. I just feel like we ticked a box this year,” Wighton said.

“It’s terrible. I’m filthy. It’s the one round to share culture, you know what I mean, to get our artwork and stories out there, and I feel like we’ve put a pretty poor effort in, if I’m to be honest.”

Wighton, who won the Clive Churchill Medal in the club’s grand final loss last year, said the process involved in producing the jersey left a lot to be desired.

“I’m very, very proud but I’m a little bit disappointed how the club went about the jersey and that. I feel like we just ticked a box, no one got any input,” Wighton said.

Canberra’s Indigenous jersey. (Supplied)

“We’ve got a lot of First Nations people of all different types – Samoans and Maoris and that, you know – and no one really had any say about the jersey.

“I think you can tell. We had a whole canvas and they just put a little design on the sleeve. We didn’t hear nothing about it until this week. No one came to us for any ideas.

“In previous years we’ve had a lot to do with it and the club has run things past us but I felt like they got lazy this year.”

The Raiders play North Queensland in Townsville on Saturday.

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